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We take you by the hand and show you what Russia has to offer, what Russian customers expect and how you can best reach them.

About the Russian market

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world with a population of about 146 million people. With most of this population living in the European part of Russia (up to the Ural Mountains), Russia is the most populous country on the European part of the continent.

The Russian market has an enormous potential for high-quality products, and in many ways the market works in a manner similar to the European e-commerce. Most European online retailers therefore meet all the appropriate conditions for a successful expansion on the Russian market.

94 million
monthly internet users
59 million
monthly online-shopper
25 million
7 billion USD
E-Commerce Cross-Border turnover (2018)
cross-border at the entire
e-commerce turnover
Ø 28%
Growth rate in e-commerce (2010 - 2019)

Accessing the Russian market

The overall framework of the Russian market is very favorable for foreign sellers. In the Russian population, there is a clear need for high-quality branded products, and especially European brands are very popular. The framework put in place in the country created particularly favorable terms for foreign retailers selling goods to Russian customers. The key element of this framework is the VAT exemption limit of 200 euro per shipment.

Cross-Border shipments under 200 euro are not subject to VAT in Russia. This encourages Russian customers to buy foreign goods and makes the entry into the market significantly easier for foreign sellers.

There are in general less obstacles for entering the Russian market than often thought. You need neither a physical domicile or registered office in the Russian Federation. Furthermore, the customs and currency issues are no more complicated than for sales to other countries outside the EU. As for the language, the same rule applies as for other countries: the customer wants to be addressed in his or her mother tongue. However, you can now reach more and more customers in Russia.

With Russian Post to Russia

We are at your side when it comes to having a local partner in Russia–the one who stands up for your interests and reliably delivers your goods to customers. Our branch office in Europe will be your permanent contact dealing with your needs and looking for customized solutions for you. For shipping from your location to Russian customers, we offer you solutions from a single source. Our multilingual team in Europe is in a position to build bridges between you and your Russian customers. In doing so, we seek to ensure:

  1. Interconnectivity: we first make sure that your IT systems work in harmony with the processes in Russia–together with you, we will develop a customized solution that suits you.
  2. Safe cross-border transfer: acting as a national postal services provider, we are granted special rights in matters concerning cross-border transfer of goods and handling customs formalities.
  3. Understanding country and market: we are an integral part of Russian society, and we know how it ticks and what it prefers. Furthermore, our extensive network enables us to deliver to any place in the Russian Federation.

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