Russian Post will help you with customs clearance and deliver the goods to your customers in Russia in a short time. We will help you achieve success in the Russian market and offer an individual solution that is tailor-made for the needs of your company.

Shipping with Russian Post

We offer you customized solutions for cross-border shipping to Russia. With an extensive network and deep roots in both Russia and Europe, our multimodal logistics group offers solutions and creates close links between Europe and Russia.

Having deep and firm roots in Russia, we understand what habits Russian consumers have. In our shipping solutions, we bring together the needs of customers and the requirements of shippers. This makes logistics processes more efficient and creates a seamless shopping experience.  

To meet the demands and expectations of our customers and shippers in the future as well as in the present, we are working continuously on optimizing our products.

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E-commerce solutions

Reaching Russian customers – in just a few steps

The Customer Journey is a crucial factor for the success or failure of a product in the e-commerce. We have a profound understanding of the customers’ habits and wishes in the Russian markets. Our Four Points Solution offers a maximal degree of convenience to the end customer and makes the physical experience of the Customer Journey successful.


ACO (Authorized Customs Operator) 

The ACO ensures a simplified and accelerated customs clearance procedure based on smart data processes–here Russian Post is acting as a trusted authority between the sender, recipient and customs.

As a certified and trusted company, we are linked with the customs authority institutionally. This allows us to arrange customs clearing during transportation. In addition, we administer on a fiduciary basis the import sales tax between customs and the recipient of the goods.

The sender provides shipping data in the manifest, which is transferred by us directly to customs. While a shipment is still on the way, customs can make the necessary checks, and this significantly shortens the customs procedures. Content declarations allow to determine whether or not an import sales tax is applicable.

The customer can choose a post office that suits him to pick up the parcel.

In the case the tax has to be paid, we will inform the recipient, and he or she can quickly make the payment via app or website.

So, there is a speed benefit and additional convenience for the customer: no need to contact customs authorities; an easy and clear process.

1. Submitting an order: the recipient places an order with the sender, however, there is no need to provide sensitive personal data like passport and tax number.

2. Consolidating data & making a shipping order:  the sender summarizes all the data in the required manifest and places the shipping order with us.

3. Forwarding customs information to the recipient: the recipient is informed, whether an import sales tax has to be paid. Where this is the case, we will inform the recipient, and he or she can quickly make the payment via app or website.

4. Transferring data to customs: Russian Post sends the data to the customs authorities.

5. Shipping & customs clearing: once you handed over your shipment for shipping, customs is able to perform a digital check. A physical inspection of contents by customs will only take place in exceptional cases.

6. Delivery: Russian Post delivers the shipment to the recipient and then transfers the import sales tax to the customs authorities.


PUDO Pre-Select

The customer can choose a post office that suits him best to pick up his shipment.

PUDO Pre-Select allows the recipient to choose a drop off locations for the delivery of his order. Due to the geographical conditions in Russia and a high level of commuting among the working population ,this is a necessity for senders to meet the needs of their customers.


Complete country coverage

With over 38,000 post offices throughout country, we can reach any location in the Russian Federation.

Our extensive network enables us to offer complete coverage of Russia. We have a presence in 38,000 post officers nationwide throughout 17 million square kilometers. Thanks to modern logistics hubs and diversified transportation systems, we are able to reach any location and guarantee a time-optimized delivery to individual customers and specific regions.


Cash on delivery (COD)

The customer pays in cash only upon receiving the shipment and we, as Russian Post, guarantee the money transfer to the sender.

This is a common alternative to digital payment systems in Russia. The customer does not pay during the order process, but only upon receiving the order. We act as an authority of trust both for you and your customers. From us, you get the guarantee that you will receive the money for the order and your customer the certainty that he will also receive his package.

Especially for cross-border e-commerce, we offer you with ACO a solution that enables you to gain the trust of Russian customers even as a foreign merchant and also to reach people without digital payment options.

Expand your business successfully to Russia

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