Would you like to send a parcel to Russia? You can count on us. We can deliver your mail virtually anywhere in the Russian Federation.

Easy, fast and safe.


Choose one of our collection points (see our map of collection points),  to ship your parcel to any place in Russia and find the right shipping service that suits you.
  • Up to 2 kg – 22,00 €
  • Up to 5 kg – 32,00 €
  • Up to 10 kg – 38,00 €
  • Up to 15 kg – 47,00 €
  • Up to 20 kg – 52,00 €
Express (EMS)
  • Up to 2 kg – 30,00 €
  • Up to 5 kg – 40,00 €
  • Up to 10 kg – 65,00 €
  • Up to 15 kg – 85,00 €
  • Up to 20 kg – 105,00 €
  • Up to 25 kg – 125,00 €
  • Up to 30 kg – 145,00 €
Each parcel receives a tracking number with which you can check the location and status of your shipment online at any time.

Collection points

We operate a large number of collection points where you can bring your parcel for shipment. Find out on our map where the nearest collection point is located.

Packaging Advice


It goes without saying that the purpose of the packaging is to protect the items you ship. They will travel a long way to reach their destination. Please remember this when packing your shipment: it is absolutely essential that you choose the best protection for your shipment.

  • Maximum parcel size (length + width + height) is 210 cm.
  • Maximum length: 105 cm.
  • Maximum weight: 20 kg.
Further information


It is important that the address is written clearly and legibly for our colleagues both in Germany and in Russia. When labeling your parcel to Russia, please indicate the following:

  • Name of the recipient (surname, first name, patronymic)

  • Street name, house number, apartment number
  • Place
  • Republic / Region / Oblast / District
  • Country
  • Postal code
  • P. O. box (if any, e.g. “a/я 15”)

Express shipping EMS delivers parcels directly to the recipients.

Parcels sent with standard shipping are delivered to one of our branches–Russian Post operates a network of 42,000 post offices throughout Russia. To make sure that your parcel reaches the right post office, please indicate the address correctly and use the proper spelling. Each post office has its own postal code.

Here you can find the post office you need in Russia:

Package content

This is an excerpt of some goods that are prohibited for shipment to Russia:

  • Dangerous waists
  • All kind of weapons and ammunition
  • Toxic goods
  • Special technical goods intended for secret data acquisition
  • Human organs and/or tissues, blood and its components
  • Plants of any kind and condition + plant seeds
  • Alcoholic products, ethyl alcohol, beer
  • Tobacco
  • Radioactive materials
  • Perishable goods
  • Gemstones of any kind and condition, natural diamonds, except for jewellery
  • Printing and audio-visual materials that content calls to extremist and terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism
  • Tools for extraction/fishing of aquatic biological resources.

* all information without guarantee

For binding information, please consult the website of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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