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Our company is marked by its dual role as a provider of traditional postal services and digitized cross-border logistics company. Find out more about our long history and how we managed to build a successful subsidiary company in Europe–always aiming to offer the best possible experience to our customers.

“One of the questions we often get is what Russian Post is doing in Germany and Europe? Our answer is simple:
For fast and reliable shipping between Europe and Russia, we have facilities in Europe that coordinate consolidation and transfer of shipments to Russia.”

Russian Post

Russian Post is the national postal operator in the Russian Federation. With an extensive network of 42,000 post offices and 350,000 employees, Russian Post is one of the largest employers in Russia.

(find out more on geography of the post offices in our infographic)

> 432 million
parcels per annum
> 10.000.000
Online user
> 6.000.000
clients per day
> 331.000
> 117.000
> 41.000
post offices

Russian Post has also taken successful steps into the twenty-first century and offers digital services to its customers–up to 23 million people make use of them in today’s Russia.

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About Russian Post in Europe

Russian Post has grown continuously over the past years. We can now offer our services to customers all over Europe. Our network of three ETOEs (Extraterritorial Offices of Exchange) in Germany, the United Kingdom and Finland enables us to send your shipments to Russia as quickly as possible.

JSC Russian Post in Berlin is the only official branch office of Russian Post outside of the Russian Federation. Providing services to individuals and companies, we find the right product for any shipping need to Russia. Having accomplished major modernization in 2015, we now maintain an active presence on the European market. Our goal is to ensure fast and reliable delivery of shipments to the Russian Federation, thus bridging the gap between the Russian and European economic areas.

To facilitate collaboration with international clients and reduce delivery times for international shipments, we launched our own logistics center in Berlin. Russian Post Branch Office is located in the southern part of Berlin, where it has a modern logistic hub with adjacent Fulfillment Center covering a total area of 3,000 sq. m. This enables us to send your shipments every day and everywhere in the Russian Federation. To offer better services to our international clients in line with European standards, we established a wholly owned subsidiary–RusPost GmbH.

> 50
employees in Germany
> 15
truckloads per day
logistic hub
> 25.000
single items in fulfillment


In 2020, RusPost GmbH has over 50 employees in Germany, and the company’s shipments to Russia amount to 15 truckloads daily (as of November 2020). Between 2015 and 2020, which were rather testing economic times, we have grown by an average of more than 30 percent annually in terms of both shipped volumes and revenue.

Throughout its lifetime, the primary mission of Russian Post has been to bring people together. With our Berlin branch, we also aim at bringing markets together. Our strategic goal is to establish Russian Post on the international market as a modern, client-oriented, efficient, high technology logistics and postal services operator.

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